ok…..so let us explain our self...

let’s start with problem/opportunity because of that "Hire A Book " born....so all the book lover…..sometime we have extra books/novels that we want to share to someone or rent out them or want to sell them to buy any new book. sometime we have some old syllabus book that we simply not using now and want to give them someone or sale... or sometime we want some books/novel that we want to read but don’t want to buy on hefty amount  , we want them either on rent or exchange basis or want to buy them at pre owner rate.

so here is our platform do this for you. we provide a medium where you can rent/buy/sell your books/novel/notes to someone who is in your vicinity. …so why not explore this platform and list your books here or search for required books in your vicinity.

we think this enough to explain about us….