5 Best Novel By Munshi Premchandra( मुंशी प्रेम चंद की कहानिया)

12 Jun 2017

5 Best Novel By Munshi Premchandra( मुंशी प्रेम चंद की कहानिया)


Premchand” is one of the most notable writers of the Indian Literature History. Dhanpat Rai better known as “Munshi Premchand:  was born in Lamhi, a small village in Varanasi district, on July 31, 1880. Premchand had given some of the finest novels to Indian literature and more than 300 small stories and essays in addition. Let’s come with us on the journey of Premchand’s TOP 5 Novels in Hindi Literature History.

1)   GABAN ( गबन )

Gaban is one of the most famous novels of Munshi Premchand. This novel was published in 1931 for the first time and from that, till now it’s one of the most popular novels of all time. GABAN is the story of Lust, expectations and human greed of living a lavish life. Ramanath is a man with very kind nature with weak moral, who practice corruption to fulfill his wife, Jalpa’s extreme greed for jewelry and royal life. Ultimately this involves Ramnath in adverse situations when he gets engulfed between economics and relations, which finally end up with losing his honor and make his escape from his home. His shameful act brings ignominy to his family honor and left his dear wife alone. But in the last Jalapa manage to bring his husband back and sort all issues. Gaban gives an engrossing picture of Indian society. Gaban portraits the conflicts in social as well as economic conditions of the pre-independence family of India. This is an ideal book for those who love to read Indian Classical Literature.

2)   GODAAN ( गोदान )

Godan is the picture of India’s Farmer, his problems, Helplessness and the way of treating given by higher class society to lower class society; this is Premchand's most exceptional novel of all time. The practicality in the Indian society and the helplessness of an Indian common man reflects in the characters of HORI and JAMINDAR. Especially Hori’s character remains beyond the comparison and supreme throughout the story.  The harshness of higher society while dealing with the lower class was pictured so perfect that readers can actually feel the intensity of circumstances revolves in the books fiction of India. Even in present time Hori’s character symbolize the present situation of his clan of this country

3)   KAFAN ( कफ़न )

KAFAN is the reflection of Poverty, Selfishness and the Emotionless Relations. This story was published in 1936 for the first time and now it's known as the masterpiece among Premmchand’s other novels. This novel sharply criticizes the human selfishness. Characters like Ghisu and his son Madhav signify the hopeless and lazy people for whom life is nothing more than just a living anyhow possible. Kafan portrays the downgrading of human beings to the lowest level possible. It not only talks about the poverty of the lower caste in the Indian society strongly speaks on points on the declining altitude of the human soul and faith across the society.


4)  BADE GHAR KI BETI ( बड़े घर की बेटी )

Ba Ghar Ki Beti is one of the most heartwarming short novels written by Munshi Premchand. This is the story of a daughter of the rich father who got married with middle-class Man. Character of Anandi is very perfectly designed in the story who take cares of her middle-class family in spite of many problems. Anandi is the true reflection of the cultural Indian woman who is the solid pillar of herself in Indian society while securing Values of a joint family and keeping family all together.  Most interesting part of this story is that it’s written a century ago but still shakes us to wake up and change our perspective towards a woman in our society today. This story is timeless classic work done by Premchand.!


5)  SEVASADAN ( सेवासदन )

Sevasadan is Premchand's one of the most successful Hindi novel.  This novel speaks sharply on the marriage, sexuality, and prostitution in Indian society, Sevasadan brings the curtain down, behind so-called reputed and respected pillar of society. This novel unmask those faces, who show grave to all their orthodox principles behind the close door and still stand in society with proud attitude while delivering the counterfeit speeches on morality in public. Premchand's this work was criticized by many scholars of his time, but it reflected nothing but the unease among those who believe in keeping mouth shut on such sensitive topics and till date the condition is not changed much. One must read this Novel to understand how the truth can be presented in most classic format.