10 Best Action Adventure Books to read in May 2017

10 May 2017

10 Best Action Adventure Books to read in May 2017

While the sun is shining on its peak, some people plan outing while some prefer to sit back at home and make books their companion. If you are the "type-Two" person, surely you must have to read any one of these books. These all books are bestsellers and would definitely feed your hunger of reading. Let's take a tour to our best 10 books to read in action and adventure category.


1.   The Rise of Shivagami


Straight from the desk of Anand Neelakantan, one of the most renowned authors in India.This book is the first part of the Bahubali series.The Rise of Shivagami is full of conspiracy, power, revenge and betrayal, this book increase the curiosity of reader at every stage, and the story of The Rise of Shivagami will rule the reader's imagination and take them on the journey which is full of action. This is one of the bestsellers in India and surely deserves a place in the personal collection.


2.   SITA – Worrier of Mithila

SITA–Worrier of Mithila


Yet another masterpiece from the writer of India's fastest bestseller SHIVA TRILOGY Series, Amish. SITA – Worrier of Mithila is a thrilling adventure that let you explore the rise of a MAITHILI! This is the story of an orphan girl who becomes Prime minister of Mithila Empire, and then, her sacrifices and devotion crown her as Goddess. This is the second book from the Ram Chandra Series. This sequel book takes you the way before the beginning of RAMAYAN..! If you are an admirer of an ancient mythology, action adventure, this can be the right book for you to read in this summer!


3.   The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo Book 2)


The Dark Prophecy The Trials of Apollo Book 2


This is the second book from Rick Riordan's Trials of Apollo series. The book is full of action & adventure. This is the story of a God Apollo, who was punished and got detained to the earth in the form of a clumsy and awkward teenager boy. The boy and his friend seek the ancient fortune teller who can show them the way for Apollo to rescue his place on Mount Olympus. They travel to the Midwest America where they found the haunted cave where they hit upon the answers of Apollo's quest to become a God again. This book is mix pack of adventure, emotion, friendship deeds where Apollo meets a Goddess, a dragon, and many more characters with whom Apollo get face to face the greatest challenges and proves his four thousand years of existence.


4.   Baaz


One more book from one of the very popular Indian Writer, Anuja Chauhan. A child of an army man, she born in Meerut Cantonment and did her education in Meerut, Delhi and then in Melbourne. Baaz is the story which revolves around the India's-Mukti Bahini alliance that fought the war against the Pakistani forces during Bangladesh independence. The book has all the ingredients which can grip you so well that you get immersed in the world of the brave Indian army. Book revolves around the war, bravery, and action; however, there is a warm and touching love story that spotlights the softer side of every army man and his family. The book is full of an epic feeling of love that we can feel towards our country. Dialogues, an interesting supporting character makes the story even more powerful and takes us on a journey of 70 eras! One should read Baaz to experience the sacrifice of our men in uniform


5.   1965 Stories from the Second Indo-Pakistan War

1965 Stories from the Second Indo Pakistan War


Rachna Bisht Rawat is one of the most sensitive writers in the publishing industry. The Brave: Param Vir Chakra Stories is beautifully written from Rachna.  In September 1965, when Pakistan invaded Chamb district of Jammu and Kashmir, it triggered the war and then battles was triggered between two nations artillery companies, War started followed by operations and counter-operations. The book frames the action of war while keeping very minute details of the bravery and well-executed strategic decisions of the soldiers of the Indian Army that combat and diluted the threat of losing Kashmir to Pakistan. Unfolding the battles fought by five different regiments, the reconstructs of the events of the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war goes so real that actually make you visualize the real action, Author narrated details which were never revealed before and remembers forgotten heroes from the war.


6.   The War of the World: History's Age of Hatred

The War of the World Historys Age of Hatred


Niall Ferguson narrates the story of history's most uncontrolled centuries and series of continual war that stretched around 100 years. The books go from the plains of Poland to the savage fields of Cambodia, The writer reveals how economic powers decaying small empires and, above all, noxious dreams of race superiority led humankind to treat each other as enemies. The book is full of action and hatred that ended with the sundown, and not the triumph.


7.   Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (Book 5)

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian


Bestselling author Rick Riordan is specialized in bringing mythological adventure and fantasy fiction for his fans. The book starts with Percy and Beckendorf who were trying to destroy Kronos ship and defeat him before he concur the Olympus. Percy learns of the prophecy to get ready for the battle, He stay dipped in the river for a long and when he returns, he finds that all the people of Manhattan have been put to sleep by his enemy Kronos, and here starts the batter to free all people and make Manhattan live again.


8.   The Martian (Movie Tie-In): A Novel

The Martian Movie Tie-In A Novel


ANDY WEIR a software programmer turned into bestseller writer brought this sci-fi adventure in public. Mark Watney is the first one to walk on Mars, but after the sudden dust storm, his crew evacuates left him on Mars thinking him as dead. Mark finds him completely alone and had no way signal Earth that he's alive. The damaged machinery, harsh environment are many things who taking efforts to kill him first. But Mark refuses to give up. He recalls all his engineering skills and finds the way out to get exit from Mars. This is great adventure book and has lots of possibilities to entertain you in this summer.


9.   Skip: An Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure (Book 1)

Skip An Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure


This is the fiction adventure book from the desk of Perrin Briar, a well-known fiction writer. This book is story of a Seventeen-year-old Jera Wythnos, affianced to marry a powerful aristocrat and want to escape from her responsibilities to fulfill her dream to travel around the world. While during all these happening, her fiancé who is powerful and magical personality from heaven, move to earth to find her before their wedding day arrives. In her journey Jera meets the criminal named Elian Stump who is running from a poor robbery, but he is having one perilous secret which can either free or entangle the world from all odds which are about happen. They fights with creepy forces of hell in the journey to stop them from achieving their destination, this odd pair overcome the consequences and make world a safer place.


10.  The Seal of Surya: The Legend of Ikshvaku

The Seal of Surya The Legend of Ikshvaku


Amritanshu Pandey is an Indian author who has written various articles on mythology and its secrets. The Seal of Surya is the proud story of our first king Ikdhvaku who was the founder of Suryavansha dynasty. This book is the perfect blend of the rise and destruction of dynasties, betrayal and loyalty.  This is the first episode from “The Scrolls of Aryavarta” series. The story explores the starting of Suryavansha dynasty and the brave king name Ikshvaku.



Hire A Book Recommendation

From above 10 bestsellers, we would suggest you some must read books as per our opinion, which are BAAZ and SITA – Worrier of Mithila both books have very different plot. However both can be the perfect entertaining material and have huge capacity to keep readers engaged throughout whole book.